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Bible Applications

King James Bible Program 4.0

This program has more than 12,000 topics to select from both the Old and New Testaments. Features include bookmarks, scripture search, maps, a customizable dictionary, Hitchcock's Bible Names, Nave's Topics, and Torry's Topics. The program also includes parables, Easton's Bible Dictionary, and Matthew Henry Commentary.

KJ Dictionary 1.4

Are you having trouble understanding the King James version of the Bible, with its difficult, words? For instance, what do ''anon,'' ''concupiscence,'' and ''wist'' mean? The KJDictionary teaches you the meaning of these and other words to make learning the King James version of the Bible easier and more enjoyable.

KJ Vocabulary 1.10

The King James version of the Bible is filled with difficult words. Through a quiz interface you can learn the meanings of those words. Includes a handy dictionary