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Screen Savers


The Bible in Pictures Screen Saver

A free gift from Computronic, the Screen Saver combines the biblical illustrations of Gustave Dore, the most famous Bible illustrator, with quotations of the Bible in Hebrew and English. These pictures, brought to you in beautiful color, are accompanied by their corresponding verse.

Pure Inspirations

Score one more for God! This screen saver features inspirational bible verse, a relaxing view of a lake at sunset, and password protection

Sky-Diving Easter Eggs

Watch the funniest Easter eggs falling from the sky, and displaying Bible messages each time they touch the ground. See how the Sky-Diving Easter Eggs come to life on your computer screen. Full animation is provided.

Bible Saver

Displays passages from the King James Version of The Holy Bible. It features pleasant graphics designed to give it an "at church" feel and uplifting Bible verse. It supports Windows95 and MSPlus! password protection.

101 Bible Verses Screensaver

This screensaver has 101 Bible Verses that appear randomly on your screen.